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This site is hosted with Blue Host. So the recommendation for AN Hosting comes from experience. We never ever have a problem with our hosting. There are 9 other sites all hosted on this one account and they all work flawlessly. The price is low ($6.95/month) so there's no reason not to use

It used to be hosted with Start Logic but we received poor customer service from them and they tried to spring quite a few extra charges. For example they never mentioned that they have a limit on the amount of files you can host (not the total size of the files, but the amount of individual files) and then one day I checked my account and they said I had used up over 90% of my files even though I had used up less than 5% of my hard disk space. This is completely unacceptable in my opinon. Another surprise they gave me was when I wanted to host additional domains (and this site was actually one of those additional domains.) They had advertised that you can host 10 domains for 1 account but when I actually wanted to add on the extra domains they charged an extra $10 per domain (and no this is not for registering, I register with GoDaddy). I do not believe that it's worth the cheaper price (and they are indeed the cheapest web host I've found but you know that saying you get what you pay for ... ) to go with Start Logic

The Best Web Hosting Company For Hosting Up To 10 Domains

The best web hosting company for hosting up to 10 domains is AN Hosting. While their price is slightly higher than Start Logic at $6.95/month they do not have additional charges for each domain you add on. For the basic $6.95 a month plan you can host up to 10 domains without additional cost. You do of course have to register the domains at a domain registar such as GoDaddy. With both Start Logic and Blue Host you get your first domain for free but after that you must register your domain elsewhere. Blue Host is highly recommended for your first host if you can afford the extra $2 per month!





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Use GoDaddy to register additional domains. Your first domain is free with the purchase of most web hosting plans.
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Best Web Hosting Company For Serious SEO Marketers

If you're serious about making money online through search engine optimization then you should choose Web Host 4 SEO. They are going to cost you more than these other shared IP hosts but you are going to be getting a higher level of service. For $79.95 per month you can get 10 unique IP's on multiple class C blocks. If that doesn't mean anything to you then Web Host 4 SEO is probably not for you. If it does then maybe it's exactly what you've been looking for, the best web hosting company for SEO purposes.

Best Web Hosting Company For Unlimited Domains

If you need to have UNLIMITED domains then Host Gator is the best web hosting company for your needs. Technically I believe they only allow 999 domains on one account, but that's pretty close to unlimited for only $9.99/month. Host Gator is known for their quality web hosting.

Blue Host is the recommended best web hosting company for most of your needs.
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