Absenthe is a distilled highly alcoholic anise flavored beverage with a lot of history. It is made with wormwood. This wormwood is supposed to be the reason for Absenthe's reputation as something more than merely another alcoholic drink. Absenthe has long been enjoyed by artistic people. Van Gogh is well known for his love of Absenthe. Now you can enjoy absenthe like the legends of the past. Buy quality absenthe at the best possible price. Absenthe is only for those of 21 or above so you will be required to enter your birthday when entering this qualty Absenthe site! If you've never had absenthe before you are in for a treat. It is standard to mix Absenthe with 3 to 5 parts cold water to each part of Absenthe. Sugar should be added as well. Order your Absenthe today!

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