Sewing Machine Repair

This Sewing Machine Repair Guide will help you learn how to repair sewing machines whether for your own personal needs or as a profitable home business.

The guide teaches you (step by step) how to become an expert sewing machine repair man (or woman.)

This can either save you a lot of money (on your own sewing machine's repair) or make you a lot of money (as a home business.) It could even do both if you enjoy sewing and would also like a profitable side home business as a sewing machine repair person.

What will you learn from this guide?

1. How to thread all different styles of sewing machines.
2. How to win the bobbin and select the correct needle.
3. How to properly clean and lubricate all sewing machines.
4. How to straighten the needle.
5. How to level the presser foot on all sewing machines.
6. How to check motors, lights, controls, and wiring for problems.
7. How to properly time the needle bar so the sewing machine will sew perfectly on all types of material.
8. How to set the tension on all different sewing machines.
9. How to purchase wholesale parts.
10. How to purchase wholesale new sewing machines.

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